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Made With Love By You – Cards and Wrap Ideas – DIY Gift Bags

You can make these stylish gift bags out of wrapping paper and you can make them for any occasion you wish. So they will be unique but won’t cost a

Made With Love By You – Star Wars Party Ideas – Star Wars Bunting

This Star Wars Bunting is a great decor idea for a Star Wars Party. This website is in Swedish but you can download the banner printables for free . There

Made With Love By You – Cards and Wrap – Curly Bows

This Curly bow looks so spectacular, far better than anything you can buy and you can make it to match your wrapping paper too. You can make it for any

Made With Love By You – Lego Party Ideas – Lego Party Lanterns

Wow I love these Lego party lanterns. They would be perfect as a decor idea for your lego themed party. They are so easy to make too. Just buy yellow

Made With Love By You – Lego Party Ideas – Lego Juice Carton Covers

It doesn’t have to be expensive to have throw a Lego inspired party. You can keep the cost down with creative ideas like this one but still keep with the

Made With Love By You – Easter Ideas – Bunny Bags

These bunny gift bags are such a fun craft for kids to make for easter. That’s all you need is patterned scrapbook paper, brown giftbags, pipe cleaners, markers and glue.

Made With Love By You – Valentine Ideas – Handmade Heart Gift Tags

These handmade heart gift tags are really cute. What ever you decide to buy or make for your loved one this valentines day, you can add these tags for a beautiful

Made With Love By You – Valentine ideas – Valentines Heart Boxes

These valentine heart boxes are sooo cute. This website gives you a free template as well as instructions on how to make them. You can fill them with little treats

Made With Love By You – Valentine ideas – Valentine Heart Chain Garland

Spread a little romance and fun around your home this Valentines Day. This valentine heart chain looks so easy and inexpensive to make. Follow the link for the tutorial; http://makezine.com/2011/02/03/how-to_valentine_heart_chain_f/

Made With Love By You – Christmas Cards and Wrapping – How to wrap like a designer

If your anything like me and end up with lumpy wrapping that a 5 year old could have done better, this tutorial will help you achieve more professional, designer looking