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Made With Love By You – Party Ideas – Easter Bunny Crudité Tray

This Easter Bunny Crudite Tray, is such a simple but fun idea to serve at your Easter Party Table. Children are far more likely to eat vegetables in such a

Made With Love By You – Party Ideas – Harry Potter Butter Beer

This Butter Beer Drink will be a perfect refreshment for your Harry Potter themed party. This recipe is non-alcoholic so will be perfect for a child’s party. For an adult

Made With Love By You – Easter Ideas – Easter Garden Cake

Difficulty Level; Slightly Challenging This Easter Garden Cake is awesome. Using a Betty Crocker Devils Cake you can create this masterpiece following the tutorial from the link below; http://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/peeps-easter-garden-cake/cd835d11-4518-4f71-8a0f-41574248e29d?utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=standard&crlt.pid=camp.1tcKfW4W2Dun

Made With Love By You – Easter/Gardening/Plant Gift Ideas – Easter Paper Baskets

Difficulty Level; Easy These Easter paper baskets are a really clever decor or gift idea for the Easter Season. Just arrange your favourite spring flowers in a water vessel and

Made With Love By You – Easter Ideas – Easter Egg Card

Cardmaking; Difficulty Level – Slightly Challenging This Easter Egg card is so pretty and looks so professionally made. This website offers a tutorial and details of where to get the

Made With Love By You – Easter Ideas – Printable Easter Cards

Cardmaking; Difficulty Level – Easy

Made With Love By You – Easter Ideas – Hatching Chick Hard Boiled Egg

Wow this is such a fun idea to eat boiled eggs over the Easter period. The kids will love them. This wonderful creative idea just involves carving out some carrots

Made With Love By You – Easter Ideas – Bunny Bags

Paper Craft; Difficulty Level – Slightly Challenging These bunny bags are really cute and they’ll be perfect to gather Easter eggs in on an Easter egg hunt. Follow the link

Made With Love By You – Easter Ideas – Flock Cakes

These flock cakes are so cute. They will taste delicious too, with mini marshmallows , vanilla icing and mini eggs as a topping. Yummy. Follow the link for the recipe; http://wealdentimes.co.uk/recipes/wt133b.php

Made With Love By You – Easter Ideas – DIY Daffodils

These DIY daffodils will be a fun activity to make with the kids at springtime and you can use the for decorations at Easter. The following link shows you a