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Transferring Images; 12 Easy Image Transfer Methods

Rustic signs, photos of loved ones or vintage images printed on a variety of different materials are so fashionable at the moment. In todays era, we are lucky enough to apply todays technology to create a vintage, unique and beautiful  look, which allows us to learn a combination of different skills for very little cost.

I was just about to research and share with you how you can transfer Images using a variety of different methods and materials when I came across this wonderful website. So rather than re-inventing the wheel, I thought I’d share with you the wonderful work of the Grahics Fairy . This website is definitely the place you want to visit if you want to learn how to transfer images onto different materials and find some beautiful images to transfer or print. This website has over 5,000 free vintage images, project tutorials and decor ideas, a resource you don’t want to miss if your a crafter or home improver. So it’s worth having a look around to be inspired with some fantastic ideas, improve your skills and collect some free resources.

Now back to this post, which is about learning how to transfer images onto a variety of different mediums. The graphics fairy has put together a list of tutorials of different ways of transfer images/ words onto different materials such as fabric, wood, plastic, metal etc; Follow the link to find the list and the links to your preferred method; http://thegraphicsfairy.com/12-easy-image-transfer-methods-for-diy-projects/


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