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Difficulty Level: Easy/Beginners (if your just making the dress and using a bought belt) Challenging/Experienced (If your making the belt)

This Star Wars Princess Leia costume is sooo cute. Your child can wear it to a Star Wars themed party or just to dress up around the home. The dress looks easy and is a perfect project for the beginner. The belt looks a bit trickier as it involves sewing circles on thick leathery fabric. So I’ve categorised this project into both easy and more challenging, depending on what you want to make. If your a total beginner sewer, you could make the dress and use a bought belt. This project is inexpensive to make too, you can make it out of a white sheet or cotton fabric you have lying around the home. Follow the link for the full tutorial; http://www.craftinessisnotoptional.com/2011/10/princess-leia-costumebelt-tutorial.html

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