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DIY Men/Women/Home Gift Ideas – Picture Frame Lamp

Difficulty Level; Easy Craft

I really love this picture frame lamp. You just need to glue four picture frames together with four of your favourite pictures displayed in them, add a tea light and a glass mirror at the bottom and you have a fabulous gift. This would make a great Men/Women or Home Gift idea, perhaps for for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, for Grandparent’s or pretty much any occasion for someone who would appreciate a unique picture gift.



There are so many benefits to making this gift, which include;

  • Saving Money – You might have old picture frames at home which you can recycle, or if not you can buy these cheaply from a bargain store.
  • Make the recipient smile by giving them a gift of their cherised loved ones.
  • Adults or children can make these. If you have children, they can choose their favourite photos and help glue the frames together, making it a great bonding (pardon the pun) opportunity.
  • You (and children if their making them) get to be be creative (the extremely satisfying process of making something great out of virtually nothing).

Follow the link for the tutorial; http://www.thatswhatchesaid.net/2012/picture-frame-luminaries/



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