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Difficulty Level; Slightly Challenging/Experienced

I love a rustic feel around the home at christmas time. I’ve made a series of decorations in a rustic/scandanavian style, matching together red scandanavian fabric with rustic hessian. Check out other items I’ve made in this range. Rustic/Scandanavian Christmas Decorations

This tutorial is for fabric star and tree decorations, they can be used in a variety of different projects, such as hanging on a tree, bunting or attaching to a wreath. You can see how ive used them here; Rustic Branch Tree

What you will need;

  •  For 8 decorations, 4 stars, 4 trees, I used  a combination of 4 different fabrics. You can buy scrap squares around 5 x5 ” for this project or you can just use fabric left over from other projects. So if your using squares you will need 16 in total, using 4 squares of each fabric.
  • Thread unpicker, you can use a needle if you have one. It’s to fray the fabric of the completed stars and trees, making them rustic.
  • Toy or cushion cotton stuffing
  • Decorative buttons or bows (or both) and glue
  • Sewing machine and matching cotton (you could always sew this by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine)
  • Twine to hang, I cut mine to about 4″ but it depends on how big you want the loop to be.
  • Star and tree template –  Print out the star and tree templates from the links I’ve provided below. I used the large tree and the large star from the templates, making them slightly bigger to allow for sewing seams. Follow this link below to download the shapes from their original sources;

Stars;- http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-zAj3ABh_IkM/Urg3Vjr8GaI/AAAAAAAAavk/Cp55Dhhuj18/s1600/stars_template24.png

Trees; – http://www.noodle-head.com/2012/11/liberty-scrap-challenge-christmas.html

  1. Draw around the shapes using the templates, with the fabric facing the wrong way up, doubling the fabric (It may help to iron this flat first, as it makes it smoother and easy to draw on and cut.
  2. Cut the shapes out.
  3. Sew around the star shape, about 0.5cm in. leaving a large opening at the top (see image) to attach the twine and place the stuffing inside.
  4. Stuff the star with the cotton filling.
  5. Glue the twine to the tops of the shapes
  6. Sew the remaining star together, ensuring that you also sew through the twine.
  7. Using the cotton unpicker, fray the edges slightly.
  8. Glue the button on the middle of the star if your using one.

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