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I love making bunting, I found that once I had made it once, I truly had the bug for it and made it over and over again. The first time I made it I used a tutorial that I found on Pinterest. I found it really easy to follow and had success. Therefore, rather than re-inventing the wheel and doing my own tutorial, I’d rather share the original tutorial with you and provide the link. As you can see, I put my own little twist on it and used a few contrasting fabrics of gingham and floral cottons, pretty floral bias binding and butterflies.

This would be perfect for a girls room, especialy girls who loves butterflies.  You can make it in a fabric that will match her decor. I have used the bunting as one of the contents of the girls bedroom hearts and butterflies gift basket; Whether, you give the bunting as part of a gift basket or on its own, it’l be a fab birthday or christmas present. I will give you a link to the original tutorial later in this post.  Follow the original tutorial, then this  tutorial will show you how to add the butterflies on. Or, you can buy plain in-expensive plain bunting and decorate it with the butterflies, making it unique.

What You will need for 8 flags of bunting; I made almost 3 yards (2.7 metres)

  1. I used 3 different contrasting cotton fabric.  2 different colours of gingham and floral fabric which made 4 flags. I bought 4 x fat quarters (fat quarters usually come in packs and they measure 56cm x 45cm or 22″ x 18″) 2 packs of floral, one baby pink gingham and 1 cerise pink gingham.
  2. Sewing materials;- Scissors, measuring tape, sewing machine, matching thread, fabric marker.
  3. Bias binding (I got this pretty florary binding from e-bay). It was much cheaper to buy a reel, I’ve made loads of bunting out of out of it and used it in various other projects. I used 3 yards 2.7 metres. I allowed 15″ each end to tie the bunting and left a gap of 3″ between each flag. You might choose to space the flags closer together, so won’t need as much binding.

What you will need for the butterflies;

  1. I made 8 flags of bunting but only put the butterflies on the gingham pattern, so I made 4 butterflies, but you may choose to make longer bunting so would need to make more butterflies.
  2. Scraps of different fabric (mine was leftover fromthe fabric I used to make the bunting)
  3. Buttons
  4. ric a rac edging
  5. glue gun to attach the buttons, you could also sew these on or use multi-purpose glue
  6. fabric glue, to keep the butterflies and ric-rac in place
  7. Butterfly templates
  8. Wavy scissors (you can use regular scissors too)

I used the butterfly templates below, I printed them out and laminated them so that i can use the over and over again. You could also print them on card if you dont have a laminator. Follow the link to get these butterfly templates; http://dansmonbocal.com/2015/03/11/guirlande-de-papillons/  I uses one of the large ones.

How to make the bunting;

Follow the link to get the original bunting tutorial; http://3xsunshine.blogspot.co.uk/2011/09/bye-bye-baby-bunting-daddys-gone.html .

How to make butterflies;

  1. Draw around the template on the wrong side of the fabric.
  2. Cut the butterflies out.

3. As you can see from the image below, I folded the butterfly in the middle, ironed it flat, I used wonderweb to iron it in place, but you can use fabric glue.

4. Cut the ric a rac to size, for the butterfly antennas.

5. Glue them in place.

6. Use fabric glue to glue the buterflies to the fabric.

7. Hot glue the buttons in place using the glue gun. Once cool, you can scrape any excess glue that has seeped through the button holes.

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