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Difficulty Level; Easy/Beginner

These fabric hearts will look fabulous in a girls bedroom and you can choose the fabric to match her bedroom.  I have featured these hearts as part of a girls bedroom gift basket

set. http://www.madewithlovebyyou.com/2015/11/10/girls-bedroom-gift-basket-made-with-love-by-you/ You can give these hearts for a birthday or christmas present on their own, or as part of the set. You can make them personalised, or you can just leave them plain. Firstly, I downloaded the heart templates from http://www.2020site.org/templates/Heart-Template.html I laminated them and cut them out; Heres how to make them;

What you will need

Heart templates (follow the above link to get these). I have laminated mine, so I can use them over and over again, or you could print them on card

  • A selection of three different scraps of fabric (if you are printing a message on the heart, you will need the fabric to be thick plain cotton so it goes through the printer and don’t cut this fabric as it needs to be A4 size, to go through the printer)
  • Sewing machine and matching thread
  • Scissors, I used wavy edge scissors, you could use zig zag or ordinary ones
  • wax pencil or an ordinary pen to draw around the template
  • Some twine to hang them and buttons and ribbon to decorate and an iron on transfer if your using one
  • A printer and freezer paper, if you are printing a message on them.
  • Soft cotton toy or cushion stuffing

How to make Fabric Hearts

  1. Choose the size of the heart templates you want ( i chose the large, medium and small)
  2. Double the fabric facing inside out, draw around the heart shapes

3. Cut out the hearts.  If you are going to print a message on the fabric, don’t cut the fabric you are going to print on.

4. If you are printing on the fabric the following image by  http://eighteen25.com/ (The image is no longer on her site but i’ve copied it below) shows you how to print on fabric. I used chancery font on word size 24, but print it on paper first to see if it will fit inside the heart.

5. If you’ve printed the message on the heart, you can now draw around it using the medium template and cut, remembering to double the fabric for the back of the heart.

6. If you are using an iron on transfer, place it on the heart and iron it on, placing a cloth or tea towel on top to ensure it doesnt burn.

8. Pin the hearts together , leaving a gap at the top large enough to put the stuffing in and a little gap at the bottom to feed the twine through.

9. Sew the hearts, leaving the gap.

10. Feed the twine through each one, starting from the bottom, you could pin it in place or use a little fabric glue.

11. Stuff the hearts with the filling.

12. Sew the gaps up, ensuring that you sew through the twine to keep it in place.

13 Decorate the hearts with buttons or bows of your choice

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